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Our Projects

EWS Fiji has been successful with its bids for various projects since start of business in 2014 with more potential success for various other projects in the pipeline.

The commitment to provide value for money and continued support has been the game changer. With our office located in and within proximity to the local area of business, EWS has gained praises for the work done in regards to the hydromet needs of our valued customers.

In Fiji, the recent Category 5 cyclone and flooding proved the success of EWS supplied equipment in the market with its unremitting and credible data transmissions from monitoring sites even when the cyclone was at its peak. The restoration of any lost data or services that resulted from events outside our control was actioned in a very short time that not only proved the integrity of our equipment but also our commitment to provide the best after sales service.

EWS Fiji’s management team comprises of experienced electrical and electronic engineers with extensive experience in its field of work. A team of dedicated and professional staff manage all aspects of projects from installation to after sales service.

Our engineers have attained professional qualifications and certifications in their area of discipline from renowned organisations and institutes. This enables us to get to our customers with what they need before the customer realises themselves. In our business, we regard our customers as our partners in our mission.

Some of our projects completed are as follows:

Company Name: Water Authority of Fiji

Contract: Supply and Installation of 30 Water level, Rainfall and Water Quality stations across Fiji

Contract Price: $1,116,000.00 FJD

Contract Status: Commissioned

Description: EWS Fiji was employed to Install and commission 30 Water Level, Rain fall and Water Quality stations in new and existing potable drinking water catchments across Fiji. The purpose of this contract is to distinguish new water source catchments to secure the future of potable drinking water in Fiji.

Rainfall Stations:
14 Stand-alone Rainfall stations were installed in highly remote areas. These stations report 15-minute rainfall data and daily cumulative rainfall data. The form of communication is Iridium Satellite which is highly reliable in remote areas.

Water Level Stations:

13 Standalone Water Level Stations that report water level and rain fall data every 15 minutes. Communication method is site dependent. If there is cellular coverage the HSPA Link logger has been used. If no cellular the Iridium Link logger has been used.

Water Quality Stations:

Two Water level and water quality stations were installed and transmit the following parameters. Water level, turbidity, pH, EC, Dissolved Oxygen and Rain fall.

Company Name: Fiji Meteorological Service

Contract: CTN182/2014 Upgrade of National Climate Monitoring Telemetric System

Contract Price: $460,564.56 FJD

Contract Status: Commissioned

Description: EWS Fiji was employed to Install and commission 5 new AWS’s. The FMS required the telemetric climate stations to record combinations of Air and Dew Point Temperatures, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Precipitation (rainfall), Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Grass Minimum Temperature, Earth Temperatures at depths of 10cm, 20cm, 50cm and 100cm, Leaf Wetness, Solar Radiation and Soil Moisture, at 10 minute intervals and transmit on an hourly interval. Each station included local data capture, logging and dual telemetered transmission equipment. All instruments supplied met the relevant World Meteorology Organisation (WMO) recommendations.

Company Name: Fiji Meteorological Service

Contract: CTN181/2014 Supply and Installation of 5 new Water level, Rainfall stations and upgrade of communications at 6 existing water level and rainfall stations.

Contract Price: $375,853.48 FJD

Contract Status: Commissioned

Description: EWS Fiji was employed to Install and commission 5 new flood warning water level and rain fall stations in key water catchments across Fiji. Phase 2 was to upgrade the old radio communication Network to Iridium Satellite. Phase 3 was the implementation of a custom software package and server to take data at the FMS Nadi headquarters.  The purpose of this contract is to accurately monitor water levels to provide government officials and the public with timely flood warning information.