Environmental & Weather Systems Fiji Limited - Authorised Distributor for Sutron and OTT Hydromet in the Asia Pacific Region
2/9 Namaka Lane, Namaka, Nadi, Fiji
Ph: (679) 6724810 Mob: (679) 9335767

About Us


Our focus is to be the leading Environmental and Hydromet Systems Integrator, Equipment Services and Solutions provider in the Asia Pacific.


Professional service delivery with high reliability and value for money for our products and services by incorporating customer business expertise with our technical knowledge, capabilities, and experience.


Environmental and Weather Systems (EWS) Fiji Limited was established to sell, install and provide service and logistic support throughout the Asia Pacific for all Sutron products. With over 70,000 installations worldwide, Sutron partnered companies have been established and located in various countries to meet demand and provide on-going support to customers.

EWS Fiji has been established in Fiji due to Fiji’s proximity to the Pacific Islands, a stable infrastructure and access to technical professionals which makes Fiji the ideal location to be the hub of the Pacific Islands for EWS. The Fiji office is self-sufficient, staffed by fully trained and qualified local employees who can provide the best local support to customers. EWS Fiji has successfully implemented several projects for government and private sector agencies in Fiji with a growing customer base.

The establishment of its operational office in Nadi Fiji serves as a base for sales and technical staff and house spare parts and equipment. We endeavor to build a strong and long term relationship with our customers.

All EWS Companies are staffed and/or supported by Sutron Corporation USA and Sutron India.

Recently the Acquisition of Sutron Corporation by Hach has resulted in EWS Fiji benefiting from access to a wider range of environmental, hydrological and meteorological products from renowned manufacturers such as OTT Hydromet, Hydrolab, Adcon Telemetry and Lufft.